• Web Design

    A professionally-designed web site is an absolute key to getting your message out to prospective customers in a way that they will take notice. Conversely, a poorly designed web site will only portray an unprofessional image of your company.

    Adirondack Web Design is capable of creating a web presence ranging from a modest "sign" to a complex, multimedia, interactive web site. We take the vision you want to project for your business, and working with you in a step by step process, we create a site that will carry your message with a design that is uniquely yours.


  • Hosting/Domain Name Registration

    Creating a web site is like building a house, but we all realize that one needs a piece of land to place it on... right? Hosting is more akin to renting a plot of land; one needs server access to host one's site. In effect, hosting means keeping your page on a server which is constantly connected to the Internet. Of course, if you already have access to a server, you can avoid the cost of Web hosting.

  • The typical fee for hosting commercial web sites ranges from about $20 to $100 a month - depending on the size of the site. Adirondack Web Design hosts the web sites it creates for $12/Monthly ($144/annually).

    Finally, you will need a domain name ( which is essentially your Internet address. Adirondack Web Design provides your domain name for free as part of the hosting package, and registered the name for the client.

  • Promotion

    It does not matter how well we design your web site, it's worthless if no one can find it on the Internet. As the internet grows at an astonishing rate and thousands of new web sites go on line daily, it is becoming more and more difficult to be seen. Adirondack Web Design will maximize your exposure on the World Wide Web. We are experts at marketing web sites and generating traffic for your web site. As part of your promotion package, we will register your site with the 9-10 major search engines and related professional directories, and create meta tags using keywords to particularize your web site.


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